Friday, August 10, 2012

Tool 11:  The end, thank goodness.  While I see that this would be a great project for those getting netbooks, it does not do much to benefit the Health Fitness department.  Technology only works well in the gym, when we have no equipment out and if we had more time.  As for my favorite part, I would have to say creating my online projects.  That was fun and another cool way to display information to our students at the beginning of the year or maybe during warmups.  As for my vision, it remains the same since we have the time constraint and basically only use the technology with the students for their end of year project.  The only unexpected outcomes from this project was how the pages on the library website did not match up with mine and some of the websites that we could connect to, were confusing to use or not easy at all.  That was disappointing to me.
Tool 10:  Literacy is a big thing where they need to understand what they are reading.  Next is safety, knowing that the information that they are reading is accurate, using the right sites for information.  Lastly, etiquette, which can be thought of different ways.  They need to make sure that they are the right sites, that they don't put anything out on the internet that could come back to hurt them, and that they use their time wisely.  I would love to use the website, Texas School Safety Center, to touch on cyberbullying since that is something that our students have to deal with.
With teaching the students and the parents, it needs to be done school wide with maybe the I-safe factsheet going home to all students and then anytime the students use technology in the classrooms, the teachers review and restrict what they need to be working on.
Tool 9: Technology is good for everyone to know and use.  The world is moving fast and we have to keep the students up to date with technology.  That is the way the world moves these days.  Students need to learn to take care of the technology that we have so it is available for all to use.  It is responsibility.  All the apps were geared towards the core subjects and we have all groups from 6-8 and low to high groups in our class.  We could not use one station for our classes.  When it comes to apps we could use on our IPod, I would pick discovery channel, BMI, and maybe calorie counter.  All of them could be in a station.  Maybe they would have to write their answers on a piece of paper to make sure they use it for what it is suppose to be used for as well as keeping the stations limited to time.  Other ways we could use them is for incentives to play games or doodle or even music.
Tool 8:  Well, we are only getting the IPod Touch, so it is basically like my phone.  Didn't learn much on how to use it but that we have to have our APPs approved.  As for the way we are going to use it in class, we have talked about using it as an incentive in class or an option for working out on their own due to the apps that I have found that will explain the exercise with a video.  We could even use them at a station for the same thing, to show the exercise.  There is also an APP that can calculate their BMI.
Tool 7:  This is something that we do to some extent but now that we know that the kids can use Google Docs, we will have them do their projects on there.  Skyping is not an option since we don't have the technology in the gym and limited to what we can check out.  Plus, trying to coordinate with another class in the district would not be easy.  But as for the project, they could use Google Docs to share their notes on their project and then creating their project on Google Docs.  It keeps everyone busy and connected.  We do one project in the fall and one in the spring.  These are their finals.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

This is what we can use in our Fitnessgram Class.
Tool 6:  Unfortunately, being in Health Fitness, we don't get to use the computers that much.  Once a semester.  Like I had said before, using Google Docs  was a great tool in this last project we did with some of the students who knew how to use it.  Our problem is, teaching them how to make a project in there takes up too much time that we don't have since we are required to exercise so many minutes in a 2 week period.  Google docs would be a great thing to use for our Fitnessgram class, for them to post any topics that they would like to talk about but not want to announce in class.  Again, I have used it with coaches to take a survey, which was great, and this would be another option with the students to see how they feel about a topic.