Friday, August 10, 2012

Tool 11:  The end, thank goodness.  While I see that this would be a great project for those getting netbooks, it does not do much to benefit the Health Fitness department.  Technology only works well in the gym, when we have no equipment out and if we had more time.  As for my favorite part, I would have to say creating my online projects.  That was fun and another cool way to display information to our students at the beginning of the year or maybe during warmups.  As for my vision, it remains the same since we have the time constraint and basically only use the technology with the students for their end of year project.  The only unexpected outcomes from this project was how the pages on the library website did not match up with mine and some of the websites that we could connect to, were confusing to use or not easy at all.  That was disappointing to me.

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